Monday, March 14, 2011


I have been terrible lately about writing down Froggyisms.

A week ago on a hike Froggy ran down a hill and said, "Go for it Mother Nature!"

When we came to a grassy clearing, she said, "It's so bright it looks like we're in a cartoon." And it did. After the rains, the greens were almost neon and surreal. It was one of the best hikes we've ever had. She's at this incredible age where she wants to know EVERYTHING. And now that I own a smartphone Mommy can google all of her questions! And I appear much smarter than I actually am.

Today while reading some of the tsunami news on my computer while doing Froggy's treatment, she saw a photo of the earth from space, and quipped, "Do earth cameras work in outer space?" I told her they probably have special cameras that can take photos of things from far away in great detail. To which she replied, "Can we get one?" Yeah honey, let's put space camera on your birthday wish list.