Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Times

My sis has been here almost a week. It's been WONDERFUL and I think I'm going to accidentally have my car break down on the way to the airport, and then keep her forever in our apartment, like Dabney Coleman in the movie, "9-5". Okay, I guess she can go home to her husband and adorable dog, Ruby, but it will be tough. She does dishes, changes poop diapers, cooks, makes me laugh, treats my daughter like her own, and knows me better than anyone. I LOVE my sister. She's my best friend and I can't believe we live 2,000 miles away.

I believe that we have many soul mates in our life, some chosen, some appointed. My sister is both. I care about her opinion more than anyone, not only because she's brilliant, but because we shared a womb, and she is the first person I call with the good news and the bad. She was the first to know I was pregnant and the first to know that Froggy had CF (beside FD). She's the most kind and considerate person, as a social worker - she spends her days and sometimes nights making sure that people are taking their meds, and not taking their lives. She's better than me, and the person I will always look up to. She's my big sis, and even though she stole my cupie doll, and wouldn't play with me unless I let her be Malibu Barbie, and I had to be the ratty old Skipper doll, I can't imagine my life without her. And yes, twenty five years later, I forgive her for the Malibu Barbie incident...kind of.

Elaborating: For my seventh birthday, I received a Malibu Barbie. Elated, I asked my sister to play barbies with me. She of course, said, "No!" After a few seconds she recanted and said, "Okay, I'll play with you...but I get to be Malibu Barbie." Like an idiot, I agreed. I was desperate to have my big sis be my friend, even if it meant giving up my new toy. I think all little siblings can relate. She is no longer selfish and conniving, but I've never let her forget it. So okay...sissy...I will finally let it go. You can be Malibu Barbie, and I'll be ugly old Skipper with the flat chest and bad tan. If only, you'll play with me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Auntie Honka

My sister, Auntie Honka is here. We're having such a wonderful time, I've been to busy to blog. Froggy is in heaven. And so am I.

Monday, September 22, 2008

California Dreamin'

I heard Froggy stirring after her nap today, so I peaked my head into her room.

She was tossing and turning saying...

Froggy: Bills, bills, bills!

Note to Froggymama Self...keep financial woes quiet, the little tadpole is listening.

I loved...

this book, "The Shadow of the Wind," by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It's the kind of novel where you walk through the house, picking up toys in one hand, holding the book in the other. I read it at stop lights, in the tub, during Froggy's treatments, and was satisfyingly crushed when I'd reached the last page. If you're a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you'll love, love, love this!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Confucius Froggy says...

A froggy doesn't have ears. (long pause) A rabbit has ears. I have ears. I'm a rabbit. Hippity hop.

While driving, Froggy is busy looking out the window

Froggy: That's bamboo. Panda bears live in bamboo.

Froggymama: Do they eat the bamboo too?

Froggy: Noooooo! That's silly.

While reading my book Froggy said:

Froggy: Can I read your book?

FM: Sure.

Froggy takes the book and very seriously opens to the middle. She studies the text and says...

Froggy: I love Cauliflower. Cauliflower.

FM: Is the book about cauliflower?

Froggy: Yes.

FM: What happens in the story?

Froggy: The cauliflowers falls off the table.

FM: Then what?

Froggy: It's on the floor.

FM: Do you eat it?

Froggy: No.

FM: Why not?

Froggy: Because cauliflower has a nose, and eyelashes, and a chin. I won't eat it.

FM: I see.

She's obviously a very confused vegetarian!

Froggy is interested in pretend vs. real. For example...

While playing with her toy car, she comes up to me and says...

Froggy: Vroom vrooom. (pause) It's not a real car mom.


Froggymama: Let's give your baby a bottle.

FM gives the babydoll a bottle, while Froggy studies the situation.

Froggy takes the doll away from Froggymama.

Froggy: (like her mom is a total moron) It's not a real baby mom.

And some more funny Froggyisms....

Froggy calls the carport, the car airport.

She calls sea shells -- she shells.

We found a rabbit on Friday, a pet, someone must have lost in the neighborhood. So we kept him in our bathroom for a couple days until we could find a home for the little guy. Froggy, without prompting, named him Hippity. As in...hippity, hoppity.

Sailing with Sissy

Last weekend, we celebrated Grandma W's birthday on their sailboat. Sissy Snuggiekins and Froggy found a starfish and fed him mussels...whether he was hungry or not. It could not have been a more beautiful day. And the highlight was when Grandpa "J" played the trumpet and woke up the sleeping sea lions. They weren't amused...but we were.

Conservatives for Obama

I've been too tired to post...but still read my favorite blogs.

My friend
Casey posted this great article about a conservative voting for Obama. It's an interesting read and hard to stay away from politics with the election so near.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Birthday of a Little Frog

I fell asleep in my Abby Cadabby costume. But I took my wings off first.

You woke me up. So where's the party?

My GREEN PRESENT I requested!

Thanks Grandma W.

Hey, this costume is itchy. Take it off, Mom!

Are you ready to party Hummingbird?

Hey, why is there a big gorilla at my birthday party?

Hummingbird holding onto her Daddy!

The Bub and his gorgeously glowing Mama.

The Bee Man and his mama.

FD and the Frog watching the Birthday Gorilla.

Hummingbird's Mama and "J"

Oh wait, he's not scary....he's a nice gorilla, and even a little shy.

Hummingbird is thrilled, but still holding on tight to her daddy.

Froggy the fearless.

Yeah, we can be friends.

Peek a hoooo hooo hooo.

A present from the gorilla.

Hey, what's Grandpa doing inside a gorilla?


That's just wrong.

"Yes, I know, my Dad is freakishly tall, and my mother freakishly short. Hope I'm normal!"

Froggy and the Bee Man climbing.

After the park, we walked to our humble abode.

We crammed a lot of people in a tiny apartment.

A friend from my on-line parenting group made this cake for Froggy.

It was her "present" to the Frog. And what a delicious present it was.


Enzymes before cake.

...And many more!!!


You're gonna share, right?

Froggy eating a froggy. She ate the legs first.

I think Hummingbird wanted a hummingbird cake.

Playing dress-up with new toys!