Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Times

My sis has been here almost a week. It's been WONDERFUL and I think I'm going to accidentally have my car break down on the way to the airport, and then keep her forever in our apartment, like Dabney Coleman in the movie, "9-5". Okay, I guess she can go home to her husband and adorable dog, Ruby, but it will be tough. She does dishes, changes poop diapers, cooks, makes me laugh, treats my daughter like her own, and knows me better than anyone. I LOVE my sister. She's my best friend and I can't believe we live 2,000 miles away.

I believe that we have many soul mates in our life, some chosen, some appointed. My sister is both. I care about her opinion more than anyone, not only because she's brilliant, but because we shared a womb, and she is the first person I call with the good news and the bad. She was the first to know I was pregnant and the first to know that Froggy had CF (beside FD). She's the most kind and considerate person, as a social worker - she spends her days and sometimes nights making sure that people are taking their meds, and not taking their lives. She's better than me, and the person I will always look up to. She's my big sis, and even though she stole my cupie doll, and wouldn't play with me unless I let her be Malibu Barbie, and I had to be the ratty old Skipper doll, I can't imagine my life without her. And yes, twenty five years later, I forgive her for the Malibu Barbie incident...kind of.

Elaborating: For my seventh birthday, I received a Malibu Barbie. Elated, I asked my sister to play barbies with me. She of course, said, "No!" After a few seconds she recanted and said, "Okay, I'll play with you...but I get to be Malibu Barbie." Like an idiot, I agreed. I was desperate to have my big sis be my friend, even if it meant giving up my new toy. I think all little siblings can relate. She is no longer selfish and conniving, but I've never let her forget it. So okay...sissy...I will finally let it go. You can be Malibu Barbie, and I'll be ugly old Skipper with the flat chest and bad tan. If only, you'll play with me!


Cara said...

What a cute story!

I LOVED Skipper dolls when I was growing up. I named my first dog Skipper when I was two and then she lived for 17 years. I'm sure my two big brothers just loved having a dog named after Barbie's little sister. :)

The DutchMac Tribe said...

How sweet are you, to be admitting all of this to the wide world of internet-trawlers. I must say, though, I find it extremely amusing to hear such gushing, since I very clearly remember this amphibious sister act from high school, and could NEVER have imagined sentiments like THIS coming out one day! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love this...made me teary. xo jcn

Anonymous said...

ok. Do you remember when you were like 11 and 13 when I gave you the same speech that my dad gave me and my brother 25 years before that? That no one is closer genetically than siblings and when we (your parents) are gone you'll only have each other so you better learn how to get along? Do you remember? Damn straight. ppg

Anonymous said...

laughing my ass off at the "anonymnous" by ppg and hoping with all my heart that I get to make the same comment to my grown up girls one day.

Tami (mom to Emily w/cf)

Froggymama said...


I do remember. You were right, we were wrong. It just took a good twenty years to realize. Sorry about that. :)

And Duchmac, I know. Can you believe my sister isn't a jerk anymore? Ha, ha, ha!