Saturday, September 20, 2008

Confucius Froggy says...

A froggy doesn't have ears. (long pause) A rabbit has ears. I have ears. I'm a rabbit. Hippity hop.

While driving, Froggy is busy looking out the window

Froggy: That's bamboo. Panda bears live in bamboo.

Froggymama: Do they eat the bamboo too?

Froggy: Noooooo! That's silly.

While reading my book Froggy said:

Froggy: Can I read your book?

FM: Sure.

Froggy takes the book and very seriously opens to the middle. She studies the text and says...

Froggy: I love Cauliflower. Cauliflower.

FM: Is the book about cauliflower?

Froggy: Yes.

FM: What happens in the story?

Froggy: The cauliflowers falls off the table.

FM: Then what?

Froggy: It's on the floor.

FM: Do you eat it?

Froggy: No.

FM: Why not?

Froggy: Because cauliflower has a nose, and eyelashes, and a chin. I won't eat it.

FM: I see.

She's obviously a very confused vegetarian!

Froggy is interested in pretend vs. real. For example...

While playing with her toy car, she comes up to me and says...

Froggy: Vroom vrooom. (pause) It's not a real car mom.


Froggymama: Let's give your baby a bottle.

FM gives the babydoll a bottle, while Froggy studies the situation.

Froggy takes the doll away from Froggymama.

Froggy: (like her mom is a total moron) It's not a real baby mom.

And some more funny Froggyisms....

Froggy calls the carport, the car airport.

She calls sea shells -- she shells.

We found a rabbit on Friday, a pet, someone must have lost in the neighborhood. So we kept him in our bathroom for a couple days until we could find a home for the little guy. Froggy, without prompting, named him Hippity. As in...hippity, hoppity.

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Cara said...

She is such an intelligent little thing!