Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tummy Troubles

Froggy is in the hospital. We were admitted this morning because for the last two months she has had chronic lower abdominal pain. She had a rectal impaction which we cleared, and we thought she felt a little better for a while. But this last week she stayed home from school, was just not herself and has hardly eaten anything. Last night during her tube-feed she projectile vomited. This morning, I brought her in.

Here's a rundown of today:

We arrived at 11:30am. Our nurse care manager (who is a Goddess) got Froggy a private room right away. Our GI doc met us quickly and we talked for a while. He isn't sure, but thinks this could be a hiatal hernia. We also found out on Tuesday after a rectal exam (poor Frog) that her perineum is short so her rectum can only expand down -which means she has strain to have a bowel movement and this condition can cause constipation and impactions. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow am, they're going to give her heavy sedation and scope her (colonoscopy and GI endoscopy). Which means, they're going in her through her bum and down her throat to look at her GI system from both angles. Lovely.

I am so glad we are finally here. As much as I hate having my baby go through this, not knowing and trouble shooting this pain for months has been miserable. I can't wait to have some answers, and some relief for her!

The procedure should take about an hour. And hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we'll have some answers.

It's been a very long day for babygirl. She's had blood drawn, an IV inserted, 3 fingers pricked, dozens of GI, Pulmonologists, nurses, phlebotomists, poking and prodding. Tonight, they've given her magnesium sulfate through her g-tube so hopefully she can get cleaned out before the procedure tomorrow.

Everytime someone walks into our hospital room she says, "What are YOU going to do to me?" Poor kiddo. The good news is our hospital is amazing and I know she is not only in good hands, but some of the best hands in the country. Please send good thoughts and say some prayers for our little Frog. xoxo