Monday, February 25, 2013

Froggy's First Poems

A Good Day

The sun is shining
and the morning glories are blooming
and the birds are singing,
Oh, what a good day.

- Froggy

Love is great

Love is good
love is great
love is everywhere
love is in the air
love is even
in your hair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Makilda the murdering gremlin

Froggy's new pretend character is named "Makilda, the murdering gremlin." She has an incredibly creepy voice, but is also kinda cute. And...I'm a little afraid of her. Actually I'm a lot afraid of her. She's a mix between the red-rum kid from "The Shining" and Smurfette. Creepy...very creepy. If I'm ever found stabbed to death with barbie legs and hog-tied to my bed with a jump-rope, you'll know who did it - MAKILDA, the murdering gremlin!!!

Froggy has always been funny, but her comedic timing lately has been spot on. I however have been terrible about writing down all those funny moments. Other than Makilda, and that is mostly for a written alibi.

Froggy and her new BFF love playing 'teenager.' Froggy says "We're teenagers with dwarfism, that's why we're so short for our age." Well that explains it, so glad she clarified her imaginitive play with some realistic disclaimers.  (note to self, we're watching way too much TLC).

Froggy had two blood draws today to test her blood sugar levels. Kids with CF (a majority) eventually get something called CFRD - CF related diabetes. Just another lovely component of CF. She was... better than the last time. When her mic-key fell out a few months ago, I believe it took 4 nurses and myself to hold her down. This time, only me and one very strong phlebotomist. Afterwards, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. It's become a tradition and makes those clinic appointments and blood draws not as macabre. We go so often now that Froggy has become quite the expert on marine life. She was telling a woman next to us all about coral reefs and how otters have a million hairs per square inch, and German Shepards only have 100,000 on their entire body. She pointed out the sea slugs, anemones, and leafy sea dragon. She knows the Mexican lookdown fish, and giant sea bass, and thinks the eel is pretty because of it's purple-blue eyes. While visiting the sea lions, she took a penny and tossed it along the curved glass of it's underground aquarium. For twenty minutes a crowd gathered around while Froggy played fetch with this sea lion and her penny. A mom came up to me and said, "She's gonna change the world." I need to remember this when she's whining in the back of the car singing the, "butthole, poo poo, wee wee," song.

On a quick healthnote, Froggy has been having lots of tummy aches, and the school nurse calls me at least 2 times a week to come pick her up. Poor girl. We're working with GI on it, so I'm sure will figure it out. It's always before or after eating. Definitely digestive, not bladder/kidneys. And I also think the second her stomach hurts at school, even if it's gas or reflux, she just wants to be home. Don't we all?

I'll update on the bloodwork soon and will post more photos soon. (my phone won't upload to my computer, and all my pics are on my phone.)