Friday, March 08, 2013

Froggyisms before they are lost into my mommy vortex that was once a brain.

Froggy: Mom, when are we gonna have that oddball soup again?
FM: Oddball soup?
Froggy: That chickeny soup with the big oddball in it?
FM: Matzo ball?
Froggy: Yeah, matzo ball soup!

Froggy: If there are silly straws, does that mean there are serious straws?

Froggy and I were reading a book about animals in zoos across the world, when we came across an aardvark this was our dialogue:

Froggymama: I wonder what the difference is between an aardvark and an anteater? Are they the same animal?

Froggy: No, the anteater has smaller ears and a longer snout. The aardvark has a nose about this big (shows me) and very large ears. And I think anteaters can eat more ants faster.

So of course I look it up and the little stinker is right! Where does she get this stuff? I'm humbled by my smart kiddo, she is way smarter than I was at her age, and maybe even now. Should I admit that?