Friday, March 08, 2013

Froggyisms before they are lost into my mommy vortex that was once a brain.

Froggy: Mom, when are we gonna have that oddball soup again?
FM: Oddball soup?
Froggy: That chickeny soup with the big oddball in it?
FM: Matzo ball?
Froggy: Yeah, matzo ball soup!

Froggy: If there are silly straws, does that mean there are serious straws?

Froggy and I were reading a book about animals in zoos across the world, when we came across an aardvark this was our dialogue:

Froggymama: I wonder what the difference is between an aardvark and an anteater? Are they the same animal?

Froggy: No, the anteater has smaller ears and a longer snout. The aardvark has a nose about this big (shows me) and very large ears. And I think anteaters can eat more ants faster.

So of course I look it up and the little stinker is right! Where does she get this stuff? I'm humbled by my smart kiddo, she is way smarter than I was at her age, and maybe even now. Should I admit that?


Beverly said...

I look forward to Froggyisms...she is funny and smart indeed. Ella would run her a good race.
Congratulations on your fundraising for Great Strides!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Mr T asked for my homemade 'gorilla bars' once. Nope, not involved in the bushmeat trade here, just oats and raisins thrown together for GRANOLA bars. We still call them Gorilla Bars, though, because it's too damn funny not to.

And we seem to have two peas in an intellectual pod, yours with animals, mine with astronomy. I have to hear a constant diatribe about the chemical composition of each and every planet, along with the length of their orbits around the sun and the distance between asteroid belts and dwarf planets and black holes and......

Can we trade obsessions? I'd much rather hear Froggy correct me about animals than my darling Geek Supreme getting all NASA-ed up 24/7. Sigh! ;-)

Elizabeth Winright said...

I can't find the link to donate to Froggy's Legs! Can yo send it to me?!!! Thanks!