Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wino Girls Weekend

One of my very best friends J. had a bachelorette weekend in Los Olivos/Arroyo Grande. And I had my first weekend away from Froggy. The wine helped.

The company of these incredible women, the wine, the landscape, the food, facials, and a weekend away was the perfect medicine for a tired mama. It was so relaxing, I almost started to panic. There was NOTHING that had to be done, just to sit, to eat and drink, to talk and bask in the love of girlfriends. Wonderful, wonderful.

CF Clinic and fabulous news!

Froggy's PFT's (Pulmonary Function Test) today went fabulously of course! Her FEV1 was 114 percent!!! Woo Hoo!

Her weight is 36.3 pounds - 28 percentile for weight.
Her height is 41 in. 3/4.
Her BMI is 38th percentile. (considering she'd fallen to 5-10%, this is GREAT news).

It was a long day. We arrived home last night from our trip to Iowa at 1am (which was 3am Iowa time). Thankfully, Grandma W. came over today and did treatment and sat with us for five hours at our appt. So door to door, our day was 7 hours. I'm tired and speaking in CF tongue. Anyway, VERY GOOD news for the Frog. Think good thoughts for a clean throat culture.

I'll post Iowa pics soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Looking through the viewer to see the girabaldi, leopard sharks, and bat rays.

Froggy learned how to snap her fingers. She does it while barking commands.

The water was cccccc...cold. A mere 65 degrees. Froggy LOVED her goggles and flippers and did not want to be bothered while relaxing in her little ocean lounge chair.

A week ago we sailed to Catalina with FD's parents. Froggy is a master sailor, no sea sickness, total confidence in the water. We both sat at the bow for most of the way and watched for whales! We didn't see any, but we did see dolphins and sea lions. It was wonderful, so beautiful and relaxing. We snorkled, swam, ate, and soaked in the sun.

Even though FD and I are no longer together, I hope we can always give Froggy little vacations and holidays together... for a day or two, to put our differences aside, and be a family in our love for her.