Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Looking through the viewer to see the girabaldi, leopard sharks, and bat rays.

Froggy learned how to snap her fingers. She does it while barking commands.

The water was cccccc...cold. A mere 65 degrees. Froggy LOVED her goggles and flippers and did not want to be bothered while relaxing in her little ocean lounge chair.

A week ago we sailed to Catalina with FD's parents. Froggy is a master sailor, no sea sickness, total confidence in the water. We both sat at the bow for most of the way and watched for whales! We didn't see any, but we did see dolphins and sea lions. It was wonderful, so beautiful and relaxing. We snorkled, swam, ate, and soaked in the sun.

Even though FD and I are no longer together, I hope we can always give Froggy little vacations and holidays together... for a day or two, to put our differences aside, and be a family in our love for her.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and read thru the last few entries. I'll be back! Thank you for giving such amazing insight into a life that obviously challenges you every single second. I thought my own life was overwhelming ... no way! My hat's off to you!
Trudy's Mom

DutchMac said...

Froggy is lucky to have you two for parents, no matter what your personal circumstances are. I mean it. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Be proud of yourself for that.


Azer's Mom said...

Looks relaxing! When does she get her button?

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots...jcn

Infidel Rooster said...

It's great you both are doing this for her.