Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wino Girls Weekend

One of my very best friends J. had a bachelorette weekend in Los Olivos/Arroyo Grande. And I had my first weekend away from Froggy. The wine helped.

The company of these incredible women, the wine, the landscape, the food, facials, and a weekend away was the perfect medicine for a tired mama. It was so relaxing, I almost started to panic. There was NOTHING that had to be done, just to sit, to eat and drink, to talk and bask in the love of girlfriends. Wonderful, wonderful.


Rach said...


T-Rex said...

You deserve every second of that relaxation! Love the pics, looks lovely there :)
next weekend away...sf??
and yay to froggy's great test results! love to hear about healthy froggys :)

ferfischer said...

This is AWESOME. You deserve it!

tdraxler said...

You definately deserve it, and you look positively refreshed in the photos! I know how hard it is to trust someone else to the details, and to MISS the stuff you wish you never had to do in the first place. But, we need these things every now and then. So glad you had this weekend!

DutchMac said...

Oh, Froggy Mama.....you so pretty! ;-)

I'm glad you got a chance to escape. You absolutely deserve it and it sounds Heavenly. Mama Heaven!


Anonymous said...

nothing beats wine and good girl friends. glad you go to do this! jcn