Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Froggy B-day

I don't know if this is totally annoying to have a b-day wishlist on the family blog. But friends and fam are sending emails about what to buy, so here ya go...

I made the Toys r' Us wishlist for b-days, Christmas, etc. It's also my "living vicariously through my child" wishlist. So the Savannah doll dreamhouse...well, who cares if Froggy likes it, that one's for mama!


Froggy is a size 3 in kids clothes, and a size 8 in shoes. We read a lot, so books are always great. And please don't spend a lot on expensive kids clothes, because then I'll just feel guilty when she spills chocolate ice cream on it, or rolls in the mud, or destroys them with a Sharpie. And I know I say this every year and everyone ignores it, but we actually like second-hand stuff. We're weird like that.

And of course the best gift of all is a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So Froggy will enjoy atleast another 97 birthdays.

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