Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Birthday B. Boy!

One of Froggy's best buds, "B" boy turned 2! His parents had a lovely party in their backyard. It was, even with many, many toddlers, relaxing and fun!
Froggy was IN LOVE with their cats. This is Oscar. And despite his expression, he was soooo good with her and let him pet and pet and pet, and smooch and chase him for hours.
Froggy was introducing a monkey to Oscar. He was unimpressed.

Funnels in the sand. Soooo fun!

All of Froggy's friends are remarkably kind kiddos. I'm so thrilled that her toddler buddies are such sweet little people. And their parents are equally wonderful. How lucky are we!!! I can't imagine better friends, I really can't.


Infidel Rooster said...

That is pretty remarkable.

Our friends have a son who turned three last August. They say the worst part is that the parents of his friends are not always people you would necessarily want to associate with but sort of have to, for the sake of the kids.


Froggymama said...

Yeah, we lucked out.

In a way it makes sense. Froggy is drawn to kids who are nice. So the parents of nice kids tend to be nice. And we all met each other at our local park, which is in a very diverse neighborhood, and our neighbors are educated, compassionate people, from all backgrounds and parts of the world.

On our street we have low income housing and million dollar homes, so it creates an interesting and ecclectic environment. And some pretty great people.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome. we have made some very good friends in our neighborhood through our daughter too. the best! enjoy!! jcn