Sunday, August 30, 2009

Escaping the mushroom cloud

(photo taken by Meeps)

Froggy and I will be escaping this inferno for Iowa tomorrow. FD's hometown of Tujunga is ablaze. His parents are ready to evacuate, if they need to. So far, only a few homes and cabins have burned. But the fires have destroyed over 20,000 acres. The air quality is fine by the beach, but inland, people are really suffering. It's a good time for a CFer to get out of town. Iowa here we come!


Azer's Mom said...

Wow! I'm so sorry about that! At least you have a safe place to go back to!

Angela said...

so glad that you are getting out of there! Have fun in Iowa!

Anonymous said...

i've was thinking about you this weekend. glad you are getting out of town!!! jcn

DutchMac said...

The fires have made headline news all the way here across the pond. I hope everything's ok with FD's family. Thinking of you guys!