Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Pat Robertson said that the Haitians brought poverty and natural disaster on themselves because of a "pact with the devil" they made in order to gain independence from France. Essentially, this is their punishment for wanting freedom.

I'm sure those sentiments are comforting for the people of Haiti to know that they actually deserved what they got -- as they search through the rubble for their children. I'm appalled and disgusted. Pat Robertson is the reason people do not want to call themselves Christians. Because if he claims to be one, why would anyone want to be in that 700 club? I hope there are reprocussions for these statements. I hope that this kind of ignorance and hatred masking itself in religion is understood for what it is. I hope that Christian leaders are brave enough to denounce these ridiculous justifications for natural distasters, and call him out. As FD put it this morning, "he should know about the devil, he is one."

A Jewish friend explained that "taking the Lord's name is vain" does not translate in Hebrew as saying "Oh God," but rather doing or justifying your actions in the name of God. Saying or doing something evil while saying, "it is in the name of God," - starting wars, blowing up buildings, blaming poor people for natural disasters. Basically, God is saying, "look it's on you buddy, don't hold me accountable for your nastiness." This is a perfect example. Pat Robertson, shame on you.. It's not God or the devil or a pact at the Crossroads with Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin. It's an earthquake, not an opportunity to scare people into sending you money. Ugh, enough said.

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Mieke said...

Sing Out Sista!!!

holly said...

I'm disgusted.