Friday, April 16, 2010

G-tube Progress

Froggy gained 3 pounds!!! In three weeks!

Considering she gained barely a pound in one year, this is incredible.

Her appetite isn't the best, but she's gaining weight, so I'm not complaining. Woo hoo! She's doing great.

Tomorrow is CF Education Day at the hospital. I can't wait to report the progress! xoxo


Casey said...

Wow! Just.....WOW! Grow Froggy, Grow!

DutchMac said...

Congratulations! What fantastic news! We're all so happy for you guys. Keep those pounds coming!


PS - Any trips planned back to The Motherland this summer?

holly said...

Yay!!!!! This is amazing.

Azer's Mom said...

Great to hear!

The Country Mouse said...

WOW! So glad she is gaining!

Anonymous said...

Woo Freakin' Hoo!!!!! That is so exciting. Makes everything seem worth it.

~ Aunti Honka

Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!! this is fantastic! we are soooo happy to hear it! celebrations are in order:)

iColossus / The Monster said...

Yeah, yeah, and amazing yeah!

Glad it's all working like it should.

Big hugs from all of us, we miss you.