Friday, July 16, 2010

G-tube Stuff

I won't bore you with the details (I've already bored my entire network of friends and family), but Froggy had her g-tube peg pull Monday. They yanked the old tube out of her belly and put in a less permanent corflo. The nurse kept warning us that we should step out of the room, but there was NO WAY we were doing to let the Frog go through that alone. Geez, it was hard enough, but to hear her crying from the other side of the door would have been awful.

It's a transisitional tube that will eventually be replaced by the mic-key. This has been a tough week of equipment adjustment and some mishaps. Let's just say I've changed the sheets on the bed a few times. There's nothing like bile shooting from a tube in the middle of the night to wake you up! Better than caffeine. It's a Foldger's commercial, but with barf. Sorry, it's late. I get punchy after midnight. On that note, goodnight.


Danielle said...

I was constantly waking up in puddles of stinky formula! We finally resorted to taping it up excessively overnight. But they have extra accessories for the MIC-Key now to keep that from happening. Stuff that locks it in better. Sorry I couldn't find any links right away! But the Mickey is pretty great. You're almost there!

tdraxler said...

I remember that pull, too. Two nurses did it. One put her hands in a diamond shape around the tube and the other one yanked. Ouch!!! But then it was over. We went directly to a MicKey from there. We have had very few problems with the Mickey leaking, but lots of problems with Emily throwing up the formula in the middle of the night. It's equally sticky, but had the regurgitated smell and texture, too. Yum.

Danielle said...

Have you tried slowing down the pump rate? Too much formula too fast used to make me throw up, too. And the more high-cal the formula, the slower I needed to go. Eventually I was running 6 cans of EHC (extra high calorie) formula over 8.5-9 hours. Then I wouldn't be hungry again until about 10-11am. And if I wasn't asleep for a full 8 hours, I would unhook, and make up whatever hadn't finished by bolus at some point during the day. I also found if I woke up once to take enzymes during the night, everything had a better chance of staying down.