Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny, Fabulous, Froggyisms

Froggy shows me her stuffed animal shark and says:

Froggy: You can tell it's a shark by it's extra fin.

And then she looks at me like she's not sure I'll understand, but goes ahead anyway.

Froggy: It's called a dorsal fin.

We haven't been to Iowa in a while, evident by this next question:

Froggy: Does pork come from a porcupine?

And the other day on our walk to the car, this was our conversation:

Froggy: I wish I was a dingo so I could eat animals.
Froggymama: You eat animals.
Froggy: I eat ants.
Froggymama: No you don't.
Froggy: Yes, I do. Everyone does.
Froggymama: Your friend Beeman doesn't.
Froggy: Of course not! He's a vegetarian.

And some great Confucius Froggyisms:

Froggy: We're not the type of people who litter.


Froggy: I'll wear my bathing suit to the sun.


Froggy: I wonder what's really on the dark side of the moon?

On a hike the other day, Froggy takes two sticks and swings them in the air and said...

Froggy: I'm conducting nature.

When I told Froggy we would see her friend Mr. O the next day, she said:

Froggy: We can't see Mr. O. tomorrow because I will be busy making evil plans.

I'll leave you with that.


DutchMac said...

I love these! She's so incredibly clever! (wow, that was a lot of excitement packed into two very small sentences)

Infidel Rooster said...

The last one speaks to me. You need to find some Pinky and The Brain episodes.

fleetfeet said...

Hah! This had me giggling! She's a clever one...

Anonymous said...

She's adorable! Her attitude will serve her well in the future!

Anonymous said...

What evil plans? I'll sell you mine for $100.00(Yeah,their that good)