Saturday, July 12, 2014

Froggyisms Galore

If there are silly straws, does that mean there are serious straws?

The Wizard of Oz is boring. They just walk around and then add more people. That's it, that's the movie.

After watching a video online of a lady from New Zealand giving birth outside, Froggy said, "I hope a dingo eats that baby."

Froggy: What's that soup I like again? Oddball soup? 

Froggymama: Matzo ball soup.
Froggy: Yeah, that's it!

If the heart is alive, does that mean it has a heart inside of it?

Adele sounds like a dying elephant.

Froggy: Mom, the vest isn't working.
Froggymama: Oh, it came unplugged. (plugging it back in).
Froggy: I think your brain came unplugged.

If I were Jewish I'd be like, uhhhh when's the messiah gonna get here? 

This soap smells soaper good. 

Stay away from me, I'm mommy intolerant. 

I made up a joke: What kind of bath does a vampire take?  A blood bath! 

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