Monday, November 06, 2006

Pictures from home

We had a wonderful time in Iowa. I'm too tired to actually write about it, because little Froggy has a cold and was up coughing last night. Poor thing. But the docs say she should be fine. It was so nice to be home and breathe the autumn air, see my family and get some sleep.

Froggy was thrilled to see her daddy at the airport and could not snuggle him enough. I'm off to bed, night, night.


Mieke said...

Wow! Sis looks beautiful! The best yet. It looks like you had a great time. The air is so crisp and clean there, the lifestyle so much more laidback. It must kill you to come back here. Except of course becuase of the sea and friends like me.

froggyaunt said...

These pictures make me think of the days your mom (and ALL of us) sang "Little Punkydoodledoo". Was she singing that to Froggy?

Froggymama said...

Yes, she has definitely sung Punkydoodledoo to Froggy, especially when we were in the hospital. But now we sing, "You are my Sunshine" and "Love Is Something if you Give it Away."