Monday, November 27, 2006

Ugh, the flu

(Sissy Snuggiekins and Froggy - five months ago)

We've been out of commission due to the flu. It struck the day after Thanksgiving and yesterday I started feeling better. Froggy had a touch of it, just enough to take away her little appetite (which is always scary) because weight is such a concern. But she is in great spirits now, and chowin down on Froggydaddy's green porridge. It's a concoction of yogurt, barley, green machine, goji juice, wheat germ, and apple sauce. It looks like something the witches of Macbeth stirred, but it's cake to her. She needs mega-nutrients, since her body has a difficult time absorbing.

Yesterday we went on a hike for Grandpa GJ's birthday and then over to their house for dinner. It was wonderful to get out of the city and see trees! And we finally got to see Sissy Snuggiekins. She's been busy lately, so it was great to talk to her, even if it was while she was instant-messaging friends on the computer, while simultaneously sending pics of Froggy to people on her cell phone. I'm such a technology moron, I was like, "wow you can actually send video over the phone?" When I was fourteen, we passed notes in class, and now you can "IM" someone on a hike in the mountains. By the time Froggy is in high school she will probably be able to send her hologram to the mall during Thanksgiving dinner. And then not only will we have to worry about her, but her many cyberholograms as well. Geesh.

New pics will be on their way soon. I forgot my camera/computer cord in Iowa. Just waiting for the UPS guy (who Buddy scared the other day) Poor guy. Buddy ran out of the house and barked him out of the yard. You should see what he does to the mailman.

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