Sunday, June 10, 2007

Picturing the Future

FD is not only one of the best dads in the world, but he's also one of the best photographers. Saturday evening, a local restaurant and gallery hosted an opening for FD and his Dad's photography. For thirty years, Grandpa J has been a street photographer - capturing moments of real life and collecting peices of time that tell a story. And just like life, these moments aren't posed or edited, but raw, real and beautiful. FD learned the craft from his dad and together they teach classes at a local college, spreading the street photography gospel and recording a random history of life, people and events. (I wish I could post more of their pics, but they actually use film, remember film?, and I don't have a scanner - maybe someday soon.)

So Saturday night we celebrated their success with friends, family, and photography lovers. And Froggy entertained everyone with her twirling, flirting and saying "HIIIII" to everyone.

I wish I could have taken better pictures of the gallery, but we were all chasing a little toddler who thought the evening was all about her cute dress.

Cheers and Congratulations to FD and Grandpa J. And if you'd like to visit the gallery, email me and I'll give you the info.


MONSTER said...

Wow, these pictures look amazing! Great work and looks like it was a fun evening.

I hear you on the scanner thing, maybe someday for us too, great as a blogging tool, sister!

The DutchMac Tribe said...
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The DutchMac Tribe said...

Mucho congrats on the evening! I wish we could see the pictures in person...they look fantastic. Give FD a 'well done' hug from me, jam-covered high-five from Little Cub, and great big manly slap on the back from Daddy Big Chief.

PS - Sorry, that was me who deleted a comment. Can't type worth squat today and the amount of type-Os was more than my fragile hold on pride could handle.