Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boring little update

Froggy is feeling much better!!! Woo hoo!

FD and I on the other hand are miserable. This is the worst cold we've ever had. Everyday we wake up feeling more horrible. When will it end?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. This is one of those viruses that the first day you have it you're afraid you're going to die and from the second day on you wish you would. I'm on day 5. Hang in there. Love gpg.

Anonymous said...

i've had this lingering cold for several weeks now. ergh. i think all of los angeles is sick.

Anonymous said...

that above was from me - jcn

Casey said...

Yay for Froggy feeling better but I am sorry you two are still not well. The cold has come to roost at my house, too. Oh the joy. :(

T-Rex said...

i just had it...a solid two weeks and i finally got rid of it. one thing that i know is tough for you but really important if you want to kick it...REST! lots of it.
i wished i lived closer, i'd come and take froggy to play for the afternoon so you could nap!
been thinking about you lately...feel better! :)