Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Moi!

FD and I on a date, an actual date!

Checking out the crabs at a local restaurant.

Riding the airplanes!

I'm thirty-two! Do you remember how old 32 seemed when you were a kid? It was basically geriatrics. Just check yourself into an old folks home, play some bingo and shuffle board and chew your food very slowly. I still feel 23, just a little inverted, and perhaps a bit wiser.

FD let me sleep in, tried to do Froggy's treatment, but she protested. And even though FD was disappointed he couldn't 'do it all' this morning, I was thrilled to sleep in an extra half hour, have coffee and meds prepared, (coffee for me, meds for the Frog), and FD made me an omelet, yogurt with fruit and toast. What a guy.

We spent the day at the Pier in Santa Monica, riding the kiddie rides, perused the bookstore on the Promenade, then Grandma W. babysat while FD and I enjoyed Indian food (coconut malai curry vegetables, garlic naan, raita) and saw the new Woody Allen movie. I'd have to say, a perfect day. Thirty two doesn't seem half bad.


Lucy's mom said...

Happy Birthday fellow cancerian! What a treat to sleep in (a little) and have a date with FD!! Hope your whole day was fabulous!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you got the chance to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a nice day! happy birthday! jcn

Miss Nonni said...

Happy Birthday!
My best friend and I are thinking of calling ourselves "25-10" or "28-4". That feels like a more humane way to ease into the mid-thirties.

I hope to see you on Tuesday at the open mic. Jane is anxious for performers.


Lydia Russell said...

Lol ... Happy 32nd!

MONSTER said...

OOOOOOh, happy birthday! Sounds pretty that you got to sleep in a bit!