Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iowa in June

Froggy and her cousin E-boy wading in the 'waves.'

Fish carcass - I thought it was cool.

Very Lord of the Flies, don't ya think?

Cousin Pee Wee and her boyfriend.

E-boy, the Frog and Papa.

Cousin Drama Queen and her mama.

Grandma S. and Papa in Pella (ya know, where the doors and windows come from).

Froggy playing the game "bunny butt."

Mommy playing the game too.

Auntie Arctica and Froggy.

What's this wet stuff falling from the sky? We don't have this stuff in L.A.

Best Buds.

Great Grammy and Aunt B.

Evelyn, and Grandma S.

Great Grammy and little cousins.
Feeding the babies.

Cousin S. and Auntie Arctica.


DutchMac said...

What great pictures. Would you believe I have never been to Pella? I have to visit this summer, though. Now that I live here, I can't resist the curiosity to see how 'authentically Dutch' Pella really is.

Looks like you had a lovely trip. So sorry we missed each other this year! :-(


Beverly said...

Great photos. I believe I have some Pella roof windows in my house.

Lydia said...

The fish carcass is WAY cool. Love the photos. Her hair is so much longer now! Wow!

Lucy's mom said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you all had a great vacation! Your Frog is adorable! I love the one with her baby carriage! Cute!

ferfischer said...

Love these pics. She is so cute! Penny has the same froggy t-shirt and cupcake sandals! I recognized them immediately! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

awesome shots. i love the one of froggy peering out of the wild flowers. what a wonderful family. jcn