Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretty Kitty

This blog is pretty Froggy-heavy, so I thought I'd highlight one of our cats, Peanut. No nom de plume for her. Although she sometimes goes as P'nut, lil P, or Walnut (when she puts on weight.)

We used to have a love affair until Froggy was born. She would sleep on my chest and sometimes I'd wake up with her kitty face in mine, lovingly watching me sleep. A stalker, yes. But she has excellent kitty breath - a fine mixture of tuna and kitty kibble, so I didn't mind.

Peanut hasn't quite returned Froggy's love yet. Someday, they'll be friends. But for now, the cats spend most of their time hiding and coming out at night when that "crazy toddler" goes to bed. Meow.

Froggy and I leave for Iowa tomorrow! FD is staying here to finish school. Only a couple more weeks and he'll be a Respiratory Therapist!


Lydia said...

Wow, how exciting! He'll be an official RT. Very cool...

Lol, our cat ... or rather MY cat, that everyone else shares, loves everyone in the house. Through the years, he's been through accidentally being shut in numerous closets, being squeezed too tight while being held upside down. He's a great cat. I also call him my second husband. He is rather romantic. I always imagine if he could talk, he would sound like pepe le pu ... (come here my darling).

Anonymous said...

congrats to froggy daddy! cute post. jcn