Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day

Overheard conversation:

Froggydadda: Froggy, tomorrow is Mother's Day. It's a special day for Mommy. What should we do?

Froggy: Drink lemonade and wrestle.



Christy said...

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day that's filled with lots of blessings and sunshine!!!! ☀

Lydia said...

Lol .. Happy Mother's Day FM. Enjoy your lemonade and wrestling.

Cara said...

That is an amazing picture!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much describes my mother's day afternoon with my 5-year-old. Ratatosk

Liz said...

That sounds like an awesome mother's day. Ram asked Dash what they should get me and Dash said "gucamole and chips." I loved your imperfect mom post as well. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are feeling. You are one of my favorite imperfect moms.