Friday, May 08, 2009

Three Gross Froggyisms

Froggy is completely potty trained, even for bed/naptime. Woo Hoo... however....

The other day Froggy peed on the top of her closed potty chair. She stood on it and peed, just to be a twirp. I grabbed the paper towels and cleaner and said, "Froggy, do you think Mommy likes cleaning up your pee?" And because I haven't learned anything these last three years, Froggy turned to me and said, "You do... you ENJOY it Mommy."

Tonight while rocking Froggy to sleep, she tooted rather loudly and in half sleep said, "Whew, that was raunchy!"

And yesterday, because the potty incident was not enough, she peed in the cat box. I came in the bathroom and saw an incredibly HUGE dark spot in the cat box and called her on it.

FM: Froggy did you pee in the cat box?

Froggy: Yep. (proudly of course)
FM: How, how did you pee in the catbox?
Froggy: I just lifted my leg, like Buddy, held onto the sink like this (demonstrating) and peed.



Beverly said...

Oh, what a girl. I am laughing out loud. Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your Froggy.

Infidel Rooster said...

Hey, there's something to be said for the honesty! ;)

DutchMac said...

I'd just like to say that while I'm happy to be in the same boat as you with lots of preschooler thing, I'm even happier NOT to be sharing this particular boat with you. :-) Ew. Potty things are gross. And hey, I thought it was smelly boys that were supposed to be the disgusting creatures, anyway; not adorable, curly-haired girls. What's up with that?!

Happy Mama's Day!

Jennie said...

Gross? Yes! Hilarious? Absolutely! Froggyisms are my favorite! ~Jennie (Tina's friend)

Cara said...

She is a girl after my own heart, I tell ya. These Froggyisms were exactly what I needed to get my day started. :)