Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good Clinic Appointment

Last Wednesday, Froggy had her CF clinic appointment. Good news all around!

Weight: 30lbs (about 18th percentile). We're working on increasing it, but she's just genetically a stringbean!

Height: 38 1/3 inches

Pulse oximeter- 99 percent

Her lungs sound clear, she doesn't have a cough, her lungs are POIFECT!!!

And we just got her sputum culture back and drum roll please...NO Pseudomonas, NO Staph, just the normal flora. Woo Hoo!!!

We finished her two months of the inhaled antibiotic, and even though she cultured negative for Pseudomonas, we're going to continue every other month of inhaled antibiotic - to fight it aggressively. We are sooooo enjoying our shorter treatments. Good, good news!!!


Beverly said...

Hooray for Froggy! I loved The Beeman's photos from his birthday.

Lydia said...

Yay! for shorter treatments!!

Good news! Great photos!

Why do THEY get to be the stringbeans?? Can't I just give her and Azer my "extras"? I'd trade the genetic "stringbean" for this ... extra ... anyday. ;)

Casey said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DutchMac said...

CONGRATS! That's fantastic news. We're so happy for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for no bad bugs. That is wonderful news! As Lydia said I will glady give her and my little munchkin plenty of pounds. Oh if only it could work that way.

Enjoy the shorter treatments.


Cara said...

Hooray for perfect lungs and shorter treatments. Now Froggy will have more time to "do naughty things". ;) SO happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Don't you just LOVE those "tobi vacation" = shorter treatments. Sounds like you're doing a GREAT job keeper her healthy. Ratatosk