Friday, November 27, 2009

Eat Kid! Eat!

Desperate for Froggy to gain weight, I actually purchased "Easy Cheese" today. Remember that stuff from tween slumber party fun? It's squirtable processed cheese food. We called it Sleazy Cheese. Yes desperate times called for desperate measures.

This morning for breakfast Froggy had Milk with supplement, cheerios, bran, raisins and two scoops of Nutella. She then went the entire day without an appetite. She will usually eat a good breakfast of french toast, fruit, bacon and milk. But for the last week, she's been uber picky. Yesterday she had one milk and a bite of turkey.

I'm hoping after a good poop, I can talk her into some of this Frankenstein food. The good news is we have about ten years before the Easy Cheese expires. Gotta love those preservatives! I used to have food morals, I really did. No more.


The Country Mouse said...

I knew I'd gone over the edge when I let my little CFer eat French onion dip. Straight. Also, when I stood in the store and rejected some of the Little Debbies because they didn't have enough calories in them.

But hey, whatever makes 'em gain!

Lydia Russell said...

Lol ... I heard someone say .. haven't you noticed how good old people look these days? It's because of all the preservatives we eat!

holly said...

Ojaio likes to eat the cheese that comes with those crackers and that red stick with the packaging that reads: NEVER NEEDS REFRIGERATION. She only eats the cheese. It makes me cringe. I think it's time to purchase Easy Cheese.
Have you tried TJ's Organic Spaghetti O's? I add a couple tablespoons of heavy cream and Ojaio loves it and the organic part makes me feel less guilty. Haha.
For the most part I've given up on finding really high calorie stuff that Ojaio enjoys, and instead I'm just happy to find something she will eat a lot of.
Good Luck!

Cara said...

I used to devour this stuff when I was a kid!! No need for crackers for me, I just squirted it straight in my mouth from the can. I also used to eat Velveeta like it was going out of style. Nothing like "cheese" that can sit in the counter for years at a time! But, you've got to do whatever you can do get the calories! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we have several cans of this in the cupboard. I once started giggling in the grocery store aisle because I was trying to figure out which microwave soup cup had more calories, fat and sodium. We once took a trip to Mexico and I packed dozens of mini-cans of spagettios and boxes of fruit snacks. That's all he ate the entire trip.

I also wonder if the clerks at the grocery store think I have an eating disorder considering all the junk I tend to buy for Max.

Whatever works! Ratatosk

Froggymama said...

Wow, we're all living the same life. I too think people must think I have an eating disorder when my cart is full of bacon, cookies, cheese and then MIRALAX!!! Oh and then a bottle of wine for me! CF definitely makes for bizarre shopping.

Froggymama said...

And I haven't tried TJ's Organic Spegettios but will pick them up next time. Thanks!