Saturday, December 26, 2009


As you all know, Froggy is a cat and dog food connoisseur. She's always had a palate for kibble.

This was our conversation today, after I caught the Frog in the closet munching on kitty food.

FM: What are you doing?

Froggy: (a mouth-full of Purina One) Go into my room Mommy, leave me alone.

FM: Are you eating cat food?

Froggy: (shoving another piece in her mouth) Mmmmhmmmm.

FM: Okay listen, you need to make decisions on your own. Mommy can't always watch you. So, here's the deal. Cat and dog food are made out of yucky ingredients.

Froggy listens intently, but still continues to pop kitty kernels in her mouth.

FM: Cat and dog food is made out of bones and gristle, fat and (get ready) horse meat. Do you really want to eat a horsie?

Froggy thinks about her answer for a moment.

Froggy: Yes, horses taste goooood! I love horsie meat.

Neighhhhh....Sorry Mr. Ed.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe she'll gain weight from it. Bleah! At least she's not eating what our dog eats -- fish and sweet potato. Then froggy'd have really nasty fish breath. Cringe!

How many enzymes does one take for a handful of kibble?

liza aka Ratatosk

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Seems Froggy and I have something in common ... I ate horse once here too. Totally unintentional, I might add, but when you live in a country where you can buy sliced horse meat along side the sandwich ham and turkey slices, and the deli counter is offering salami slices as their 'sample of the day', you need to make sure you read the ingredients of the salami BEFORE trying it.

I know this now. Ew.

Lydia Russell said...

Look at that. Kibble for people .. lol.