Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Iowa...embracing the cold part 2

Driving to Iowa City for a kid-less vacation with my sister!

First things first.

Visiting the theatre building...ah the smell of sawdust brought back memories.

One of my old apartment buildings. It was a frat house converted into very small studio apartments. I found my cat Piper here. She came from a feral mama who was taken by animal control. But they couldn't catch Piper (we still can't). She was hiding in a pipe (thus the name Piper) and I had to use falcon gloves to pull her out. She was WILD. She's calmed down in her old age, but still not a big snuggler.

I used to drive these buses! Never hit a single person.

So did Auntie Honka! She did hit people. No, just kidding.

At the theatre building.

Having dinner at my favorite restaurant - The Sanctuary.

Visiting with an old friend and his wife.

Pondering my next beer.

Posing like dorks at our hotel room. Hey, it's a big deal for me to get out, and to stay in a hotel without a number in the title.

Cozy beds with actual comforters. I'm so easily pleased.

The hotel had a casino...where I realized I may have a gambling problem. Fortunately Auntie pulled me away from the slots before we had to call 1800-bets-off. And I only lost $20.

We had a fabulous time and I only called home 15 times to see how Froggy was doing. Baby steps.


Cara said...

You look fabulous, Elise!! So glad you are having a great time in Iowa. :)

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Ohhhhh, the picture with an empty stage, bare fly riggings, and a ghost light really started pulling on my heart strings. I forgot how much I miss that life sometimes!

Glad you're having a wonderful time. You deserve it, Beautiful Girl!


Mieke said...

This looks like a fantastic trip. I must say you look fantastic in each picture darling.

You drove a real bus, all those times you talked about it I thought it was a short yellow bus. You are so much sexier to me.

Now about the salty apricots. JESUS!!!

Lydia Russell said...

Lol. You used to drive a bus?? Wow ... that's amazing. And girl, you look amazing. Love the pics, glad you had a great time!