Sunday, February 14, 2010


Please visit EVA's site.

She's an incredible girl, spirited, talented, artistic and dying from CF. She's received over 1200 comments on her last post, and I'd love it if everyone would visit her blog and write a kind word.

I've been reading Eva's blog for a while now and just fell in love with her. Like most young adults I've met/read with CF, she's beyond her years in maturity, wisdom and understanding. Froggy sent her a picture she drew that is hanging on her hospital wall. I'd appreciate it if everyone would support her with some love as she journeys on. Thank you. -Froggymama

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mbar said...

Thank you so much for linking to Eva's site. I've been absolutely blown away by her strength and courage. She's an inspiration.

Come to think of it, so are you guys.

With Abby being about a year and a half younger then little Froggy we learn so much from the challenges you face and blog about.

All the best...