Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First GI test

Never have we been more proud of our little Frog.

When the appointment was scheduled, we weren't told that Froggy would be TIED DOWN for two hours while they took pictures of her 'stomach emptying'.

They told us she was not to eat or drink for eight hours prior. We complied and our little Froggy was starvin' marvin' by 9am. FD made her a snack breakfast and she snarfed down a pbj, bacon, cheese and blueberries. The tech was impressed.

I told Froggy that after she ate she was to dress up like a mummy, all wrapped up, so they could take pictures of her belly. For two hours, she lay perfectly still watching a video and only started to get impatient at the end.

It's so funny because Froggy is such a little stinker for us at home. But at the doctor's office, she is an absolute angel! She anticipates what the doctor is going to ask her to do, sticking out her tongue before asked, lying down for her exams, she's a pro at throat culture, rarely gets too upset, even for a blood draw. It's like she becomes her best self when the going get's tough. Wow, what a kid.
So proud. And for the record, I would still be proud even if she screamed through the entire procedure.


The DutchMac Tribe said...

Froggy's AMAZING! I think they would have had to sedate me for such a procedure. Can you say 'claustrophobia'?

I'm proud of her, too. Way to go, Froggy!

Anonymous said...

While max doesn't mind xrays and scans, he HATES the culture and I have to bribe him for the blood draws. Costs me a trip to Target for a toy every time.

What a good girl, Froggy!


ferfischer said...

Oh my - the things they don't tell you about these procedures! I'm so impressed though - she's amazing!