Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gingerbread Froggyisms

Froggy and I made gingerbread yesterday, can't wait to make the cookies today!

Just a couple cute Froggyisms before I forget:

Froggy: I like the livingroom. It's where I do most of my living.

While getting dressed this morning...

Froggy: It's a good thing I put on long underwear, in case someone throws an imaginary snowball at me.


Skye is the Limit! said...

Sounds so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Is she eating brown sugar?! :)

Max and I made double chocolate chip cupcakes on Sunday and I was trying to teach him how to crack open eggs. He prefers to squeeze them until the explode all over.


Anonymous said...

she has a wonderful mind. i love froggyisms. and btw- i sooooo admire you for being able to document them so well. such a talent. jcn

seeker said...

I'm doing homework for work and needed to check out blogs. Love the photo of Addie and the mixer. Aunt Robin

Azer's Mom said...

Lol, she is just too cute.