Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iowa State Fair 2010

Now THIS is a turkey leg. Cro-Magnon Froggymama!
This was taken at the new birthing center at the fair, where you can watch piglets, calves, goat kids and sheep gittin' borned!
The fattest hog! Over 1100 lbs.

The highlight was watching the chicks hatch. One chick after hatching, helped his friend out by cracking on his egg.

Every year they build a giant sandcastle. This year's theme "Star Boars." If you don't like kitch, you won't like the fair. I happen to LOVE this stuff!
We spent 2 hours in the bunny barn. Gee, ya think someone wants a rabbit?
She petted every single rabbit. There were only about a thousand.

True to Iowa fair weather, it was 100 and humid.

Froggy eating a wonderbar. She ate the entire thing and this kid never eats all her food. Maybe a diet of fair food will be the cure-all to her weight issues. Mmmm fair food.

She milked a cow on her first try!

A giant pumpkin and an even bigger twit!
Everything at the fair is giant! Even the slide.
Auntie Honka and the Frog.

The only thing we forgot to visit was the butter cow, which is just criminal. It's like going to Disneyland and forgetting to visit Mickey Mouse. I'll post a picture from their website, because I know how much you are all dying to see it!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Max will be so jealous. Neither of us wanted to take him down the giant yellow slide at the MN state Fair!

I have similar theories regarding food. Max was a bottomless pit at a rodeo last year. Go figure! And if I could serve him every meal from an ice cream truck, we'd never have to worry about food.

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Ratatosk

fleetfeet said...

Ahh yes, the fair. In true Midwestern style! Looks like so much fun! And yet, so educational at the same time...

Lydia Russell said...

Lol, looks like fun. She is so flippin' cute I just want to eat her up. Gosh, where did the time fly? She is really 5? She was like, just 3 years old yesterday? Lol.

I'm sorry she feels that way about her G-tube. Azer is very happy about having his button, because he is happy to not be forced to eat, or drink nasty Scandishakes. I hope she can be ok with it someday. Try to stay positive :)