Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm collecting underwear!

A great organization headed by Jane Goodall just received a grant providing sanitary napkins for girls in over 200 schools in Uganda.

Young women in Uganda miss at least one week of school every month because they do not have supplies for their periods. The grant covers sanitary napkins, but not underwear.

A mom friend at Froggy's preschool has taken it upon herself to collect 2300 pairs of underwear for these girls (age 13-17). It's hard to believe but most of these girls will drop out of school because of the simple fact they do not have underwear.

My goal is 100 pairs of undies for these girls. Please help me reach that goal. I'm going to hit Costco and get a couple ten-packs of Hanes-her-way! Email me and I will send you my address if you would like to send a pack of undies. Or send me a check and I'll pick up a pack for you! Thanks.


Tara said...

Is it too late to send you some underwear? I would love to send some. You can email me your address at

Azer's Mom said...

I gotta admit I made a weird face at your first sentence there, thinking "Well, she is related to Froggy." Lol.