Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last weekend we drove to Big Bear and went camping. After a long drive up the mountain, we found a very cool place to hike. After getting out of the car and walking up the hill, Froggy said, "We've arrived at our destiny!"

After dinner the other night, we stopped at a store for coffee. Froggy found saw a toy, picked it up and said, "Well that got caught in my eye!" I think she meant, 'that caught my eye.' But I like her expression better. Very visceral.

Froggy is really picking up on wordplay and puns. I couldn't be more proud! The other day she put a slinky on her arm and said, "It's armor! Get it? Arm--or?" Yeah, we got it kiddo!

A bedtime conversation:

Me: Froggy, it's time for bed.
Froggy: Really Mom, really? I expected more from you!

Sissysnuggiekins (Froggy's sister) is a model now. She's been traveling around the world and has become quite successful. While talking to Froggy's Grandma, I asked her where Sissysnuggiekins was. Froggy picked up on the conversation and said, "New York, Paris, Hamsterdam?" Hamsterdam!

While drinking a diet ginger ale the other day, Froggy asked if she could have a sip. I said, "No, it's not good for kids, it's diet." Froggy replied, "Is it called die-et, cause you die from it?" Yikes, didn't really want to have the aspertame conversation. Maybe she's onto something.

While at Big Bear, we walked into a very cool toy story. Froggy walked in and immediately found a big bin of stuffed animals. She already has a million, and I am not keen on buying her more. She found a meer cat and asked if I would buy it for her. When I replied 'no' she said, "So we came here for nothing!" The woman who owned the store almost peed her pants.


Anonymous said...

Love, Love hearing Froggyisms. Has she discovered the art of sarcasm yet?!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Ha! I loved each and every one of those! The Hamsterdam was, of course, near and dear to my heart. ;-)

It's nice to see you back, stranger. You've been missed!

Beverly said...

What a girl! I love those. They pick up on everything, don't they.

Stan(E-BOY) said...

Love it. She's a growing girl.

Stan(E-Boy) said...

I just went to a Big Time Rush concert!!!