Thursday, June 07, 2007

I just want to laugh!

We've been renting depressing movies.

Little Children -a film about a child molester.

Babel - a film about how we are all tragically connected.

The Departed - a violent film about violence.

Dancer in the Dark - a musical noir about a blind single mom.

Half Nelson - a film about an inner-city teacher addicted to drugs.

Why are we renting depressing, but good movies? Because my Netflix account suggests these movies for me (based on my profile) and I believe them.

So last night I rented "You, Me and Dupree." I was looking for a laugh, something silly but funny. I also wanted to tease the Netflix gods a bit. But it was bad. Sooooo bad. Bad like "Talladega Nights" bad, bad like "Dickie Roberts Child Star" bad, "Spanglish" bad, "Gigli" bad, ohhhh so very bad. And yet, like a train wreck, I couldn't look away and wasted two hours of my life watching Matt Dillon go from "The Outsiders" to this.

Where are the great comedies? "Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally, Blazing Saddles."

I need a good laugh, a belly laugh, a real laugh. Any suggestions?


DutchMac said...

Ever seen 'Bandits'? It has Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett (I've worshipped the ground she walks on ever since 'Elizabeth'). Anyway, it's one of the view movies we've walked out of the theatres KNOWING we would be buying. We love it because it's not funny in an obvious way, but makes us burst out laughing anyway. If you watch it, wait for the 'Beavers and ducks!' line, and tell me if you don't split your sides like we do.
Hope this helps! I'll keep this thought simmering on the back burner and let you know if I come up with anything else.

T-Rex said...

heeheehee hahaha hohoho

For a girl who is in the midst of watching the 3 disc documentary when the levees broke from my netflix list...i can relate to thinking about what is next that will give you a laugh.

here are my go to comedies...i'm sure that you've seen most, if not all of them...but i think all on this list have an incredible rewatchability factor (at least for me :)).

Meet The Parents
Best In Show
The Jerk
Billy Madison
Little Miss SUnshine
FLirting With Disaster
The Princess Bride
High Fidelity
Napolean Dynomite

these are not necessarily comedies but nice, ligh-hearted and visually stimulating films that I enjoy:
Amelie (one of my favorites!)
The Triplets of Belleville (a great animated movie - cool animation and it's practically a silent film - the power of non-verbal communication!) with the exception of music)

and if you can actually get out to the movies...i just saw knocked up and laughed the entire time! :)

Froggymama said...

T-rex, saw and loved them all! Thanks for the list, perhaps I'll just have to start re-watching the good ones.

Dutchmac - I don't think I've seen it. I'll add it to my list! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

get a babysitter (worth the cash!) and go see knocked up. we went ths weekend and i thought it was really funny. also have you seen some of the old doris day moveies? last summer we got hooked on them and they are hoot! jcn

monika said...

For some reason, I can't think of a single movie that has given me belly laughs...! I'm sure it'll come to me...(must need ginko bilboa in my old age!) It seems like a lot of funny movies make me feel good and lighthearted (e.g Tootsie), but don't make me laugh uncontrollably. However, tv sitcoms do. The ones that make me ROFL are One Foot In The Grave and some Murphy Brown eps.

Most of the One Foot in the Grave episodes haven't aired in the US, and aren't available on DVD, athough at least the first 6 are. I actually ran all over London for a day and half trying to find all the episodes on VHS back in 2000, and bought a multi-system player just so that I could laugh...and then found out that I needed a multisystem CONVERTER player, so I never got to see them after ALL of that running around, and ALL of the money spent on tapes! A very Victor Meldrew moment, when I stopped to think about it. Oh well, that is one good thing about living in Switzerland: I can finally watch those silly tapes!