Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Pony Von's

Ya know the really great thing about a 21 month old? They don't care if you actually put quarters in the grocery store mechanical pony. They're totally okay with the eerily still version, while others walk by thinking, "how cheap can you be?"

Grandma W. and I spent the day together with Froggy shopping, and by shopping, I mean

chasing a toddler down city streets while she picked up every stick, stone, and leaf, petted every dog, said hello to all passer-bys, stuck her finger into every anomaly in the sidewalk, climbed stairs, knocked on doors, patted a tree, licked a window, ran into a toy store and pulled stuffed animals off the shelves, made monkey noises at strangers, and refused to sit in her stroller for more than 3 seconds at a time.

Wendy and I ate gellato, while Froggy munched on Cheerios (and she is the one on a high fat diet!), and on our trip to the grocery store, Froggy rode, or rather sat on her first plastic pony. We didn't have any quarters, and she doesn't know that the ponies actually move, so until she figures it out, mommy will just have more for the slot machines. I'm kidding.

It was a nice day. FD had to work tonight, so he didn't join us, but he was able to go for a bike ride up the coast, so he was happy too. I needed a day like today. No crisis, no pharmaceutical nighmares, just ice cream and a pony who no matter what, can't buck you off.


Mieke said...

High fat. Is that the kind of high fat like Pony and Gabo have to be on to fatten their 5% body weight up? Or do you have to go above and beyond the whole milk, whole yogurt, olive oil in everything kind of fat?

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Isn't it great that they don't know those rides move? When we have to pick people up at the airport, our meeting place is always the kids' play area that has about a dozen of those kinds of rides. Little Cub STILL hasn't learned that they are anything other than brightly-colored, stationary objects ..... and I'm keeping it that way as long as I possibly can.