Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Sideways" with a Toddler

Like Mother, like toddler.
Grandma in a wine glass.

Lovely Ojai.

Walden with wine included.
She's not drunk. I swear. This was pre-winery. She's just bored with all the shopping!
Okay, this looks bad. I can explain.

Me, Sissy, Froggy, FD, and Papa
Froggy LOVES her Papa.
Papa enjoying the countryside
The three Froggyteers!

My beautiful sister

The best way to ring in one's 30th birthday is with a few bottles of wine. Don't you think?

My parents and sister flew out for my big fat 30th!, and we had a wonderful week of chasing Froggy while shopping, chasing Froggy while eating, and chasing Froggy while drinking wine at a beautiful winery in Ojai. (Have I ever mentioned how someday we're going to move there, live in the mountains and have a goat named Bob?) It's true, it's my new dream.

It was a great and exhausting week. So here it is in super-Froggy-speed: Mom and Dad flew in on Wednesday, Sissy on Thursday. Dad rode his bike up the coast, mom chased Froggy around the neighborhood, and did a ton of dishes (yeah mom, even on vacation - is still a mom), we shopped in Santa Monica, my sis and I saw a movie ("Knocked Up" - hilarious), we ate a ton of Thai, Italian, Mexican, Indian, and even cooked a little, had a wonderful birthday dinner at Grandma W's, rented "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Queen," Dad read Bill Bryson's "The Thunderbolt Kid", Mom cleaned my windows and did our laundry (yes, on vacation), Sissy and I giggled and slept in the same bed like we were 12 again. (Froggydadda got the sofa - poor guy). And Froggy LOVED having her Papa, Grandma and Auntarctica living with her for a week.

Our family left yesterday, and the house is so quiet, with the exception of a screaming, giggly toddler. Every once in a while, Froggy looks up at me while repeating their names, as if to say, "where'd they go?"


The DutchMac Tribe said...

Great pictures, happy 30th, and God love those grandparents who lend a helping hand!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th! sounds like soooo much fun! Lucky girl -- you are rich in all that matters!

(this is sad -- but I don't remember what I did for my 30th...too old I guess...)

MONSTER said...

Happy 30th, girl and darn I missed you not in the blogosphere for a week. I even had to post to Peachhead to find some other Mommy blogs to read. So yeah, I cheated on you but it was your own darn fault. But no one comes close to the Froggymama blog. Please, please take me back. Don't make me beg because I will.


BTW, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with the fam, look like good peeps.

Casey said...

Love all the pictures - looks like soooo much fun! A great way to ring in your 30th decade. Your sister and you look so much alike - wowsa! :)

Being 30 is great - really great! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

welcome to your thirties! love ojai too. please get a big enough place for visitors!