Saturday, December 08, 2007

After 20 minutes of wearing her vest tonight, Froggy says?

"I do it again?"

You don't know how wonderful it is to hear those words. YAAAAA HOOOOOO!

While doing laundry, Froggy says,

Froggy: I so happy to be with you. I so lucky.

Even though I'm sure she's copying my exact words from another time, my heart melts.

Froggy grabs a tissue out of the diaper bag, blows her nose and says,

Froggy: Burgers.

Okay, so not every moment is heartwarming.


Beverly said...

LOL. I'm so glad she's getting accustomed to the vest. As for the burgers...

Casey said...

Baaaahahahahahahaha!!! Burgers. Cute! :) I'm glad she is coming around to being ok with the vest - what a relief for the mommy!