Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wonderful Women

Meeps and Me!
The WONDERFUL WOMEN! Nic, Lib, Meeps, Me and Raq.
Pretending to be the Rockettes.
Our lovely friend "Cmc" who is an angel! She brought us a huge case of diapers
and picked up milk for Froggy when I had the flu. We LOVE her!

The lovely "S" with Meeps.

My amazing friend "Meeps" is going through an incredibly rough time. Monday night, her friends surrounded her with love and Indian food. And although we couldn't heal her broken heart, we tried with a little garlic naan and hugs, to let her know that sadness is rarely permanent. And I guess that's one of the only good things about it. We love you Meeps!


Anonymous said...

so sweet! so happy to see thes pictures! xo jcn

Beverly said...

How wonderful that you and your friends can surround your friend with love and support during a difficult time in her life.

Casey said...

You all are the best of good friends!!! I'm envious.

Meeps said...

Thank you for a wonderful evening. I needed it very much. Let's do another before the semester starts again in full.