Friday, January 18, 2008

Please visit this blog.

You may want to get some tissues first.

I would love for all of you to say a prayer, or send healing thoughts to their family. Thank you.

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goodfellow said...

They are in my thoughts.

I have wondered for a while whether to share Gregory's story with you; I am guessing that the CF society you are plugged into has likely spread the word, so you probably already know. But just in case it hasn't, here it is...

CF awareness and fundraising in France has shot up dramatically this past year because of a young man named Gregory Lemarchal.

Gregory won France's Star Academy in 2004 (nothing like American Idol except that it is also about young people competing to win a recording and touring contract). He was impossibly beautiful, and had the voice of an angel with a rare 4-octave range. Although he didn't speak much about it, he also had CF.

The touring took a toll on his health, resulting in a serious infection and that caused him to be placed on a double-lung transplant list. Unfortunately, he was not able to rally, and died within days, on April 30th. France has been mourning him ever since.

Here is one of his breathtaking performances on Star Academy; this one is particularly meaningful due to the lyrics (which a helpful poster translated).

Here is a music video he filmed in Canada -

And here is some more info on himégory_Lemarchal

His story brings home how we have to keep working towards a cure for CF.