Monday, January 14, 2008

The yin, the yang and the whole shabang!

Good news. Froggy's sputum culture came back negative for Pseudomonas today, and all the other scary CF bugs. This is huge. Twenty, even ten years ago it was almost impossible to eradicate Pseudomonas, but now with inhaled antibiotics, we have a fighting chance. It does require two (45min) treatments a day added to her other respiratory treatments, but we're not complaining. Healthy lungs are worth it. So for the next six months, we'll continue her Tobi treatments (one month on, one month off.)

The bad news - Froggy had a seizure at the park today and almost fell over. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth opened and I grabbed her arm before she stumbled. It was over by the time I caught her, but it scared me. My first instinct was to go home. But the seizure was over, she was having a blast, and we stayed for another hour. Her mean mommy made her stay in the very safe and low-to-the-ground-baby-area. Ahh compromise.

I'll give the neurologist another call tomorrow. We may have to try out our third seizure med! But I'm hoping we can just increase her dosage, rather than start the long process of trying another med. And there you have it! Seizures and CF and parks, oh my.


Beverly said...

Hooray for a clear culture!!! May it ever be!

I'm sorry to hear about the seizure, though. I do hope that the neurologist can find the right med for her.

Thinking of you.

Meeps said...

E! Accentuate the positive eliminate the negative - what a great attitude.

I am so sorry for my little Froggy - it sounds like she handled it with no problem. Kids are like that puke their brains out - seize on a playground and then return to playing as if nothing happened.

Casey said...

No no no! It jsut isn't right that you have to deal with seizures, too. I am so relieved though about the culture - yay!!!!!!