Friday, February 08, 2008

Froggy Milestones

As Froggy and I were leaving the house I realized she didn't have any shoes on. We step back inside and I say, "You need shoes to go to the park." Froggy replies, "Of course I do."

While looking at a picture on the wall of us right after she was born, I gush over how miraculous it was. I tell her that she grew in my belly and this was the first time I saw her beautiful face and as I'm tearing up thinking about that amazing day, she says, "whatever." "

At the park the other day, she comes up to me (in front of a few other mamas) and says, "I have a gas problem." Lovely.

Froggy can count to 12.

She knows her alphabet. In the tub a few weeks ago, she took her foam letter "W," and said, "W" then turned it upside-down and said, "M". Genius I tell ya, genius!

Froggy can count to five in Spanish and knows most of her colors in Spanish. Thank you Dora and Diego!

Now that Froggy can express herself, it helps with the decision-making process at home. I ask her what she wants for dinner and she says, "candy." I say, "Don't you want some speghetti?" She replies, "nope, just candy."

Or the other night, when I asked, "Froggy, what do you want for dinner?" And she said, "dog food." To which I replied, "You can't have dog food for dinner." To which she replied, "Okay, just kitty food."

I'm amazed by Froggy's sense of direction. A block away from one of her many pharmacies she says, "See stuffed animals?" Rite-Aid has a large stuffed animal display that she adores. While driving down her boyfriend's street on our way to the book store, she said, "Go see 'the Bub'?" And on our drive to Children's Hospital a month ago, we drove under a freeway pass. Froggy said, "Go see animals at the zoo?" Over a year ago, we drove under a freeway just like this one on our way to the zoo. The shadows, and overhanging vines were similar and she thought we were headed to the zoo. Sadly, I had to say, "No sweetie, we're not going to the zoo, we're going to the doctor."

Froggy comes out of her bedroom (without a diaper) but sporting high heels, a pink leopard purse and a Santa hat and says, "Let's go shopping!!!"

As most of you know, Froggy never walks, she runs! She's so fast now, I can barely catch her. When I hold her hand on a walk, she pulls it back and says, "I wanna RUN mama!!!"

Froggy has a lovely singing voice. She did not get this talent from me, perhaps from my mom, or FD. In fact one day I was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Froggy said, "No sing mama." FD looked at me and said, "Maybe she's such a good singer, she can't stand it when other people aren't." Hmm, thanks dear.

Froggy is potty training herself. This is one aspect of her life that I didn't want to control. She has so many things in her little toddler life that we make her do, meds, treatments, etc. I figured she would do it when she was ready. And now she's running to the baby potty, going pee and screaming "I did it!!!" She then picks up the potty, dumps it in the toilet, flushes, washes her hands and is VERY VERY proud of herself.

She loves her big girl pull-ups. She calls them her underwear pants. "Mama, I don't want diaper, I want underwear pants."

Froggy is such a sweet girl. She's tender and loving and truly compassionate. Yesterday at the park a baby started crying. She hopped off the slide, walked over to the baby and patted her back. We stood there until the baby stopped crying and then Froggy gave her a hug.

She LOVES Buddy the dog. Buddy loves her too, but not as much. It could be a one-sided relationship. Froggy will pet him and say, "Don't worry Buddy, don't worry." I'm not sure why she says this. I don't ever recall telling our dog not to worry. But for some reason this is her way of showing love. And it totally cracks me up.

There are a million other cute things Froggy has done recently that I neglected to write down. Yes, I'm a bad mama. But these are the highlights. Everyday she makes me laugh. She's a riot, a stinker, a naughty, sweet, fast, silly, smart, and fascinating little person. I love, love, love her!


Beverly said...

I love it when you write about Froggy like that. I can hardly wait to see Ella and find out what is in her vocabulary by now.

Ella is a runner too. Just a few more days...

Angela said...

You are so good at documenting the cute things she says! It has inspired me to start doing more of that! (And potty training herself is pure genius!)

Filguy said...

i just looooved the "gas problem" hilarious!:)

Anonymous said...

i love the way you write about froggy's milestones. funny and so clever. i wish i could capture in words like you do the doings of my 2 and 1/2 year old. xo jcn

Mieke said...

I love this list. More more more more. I love that Frog

Sarah said...

I loved the line that she had a gas problem! Too funny!

Casey said...

Love, love, love this post. Seriously.