Friday, February 27, 2009

A Good Day for Froggy

I had actually forgotten what it looked like to see Froggy putting food in her mouth. She's been snacking and drinking milk, but not eating meals.

Today, she had her supplement/milk for breakfast then a big lunch and a big dinner! And this is probably too much info, but she also had a big poop. I know, I know.... but this is a huge deal when your kid stops doing those basic functions we all take for granted.

I emailed Froggy's neurologist, and there really isn't an alternative seizure med, so we'll stick with the Lamictal and hope her body adjusts. In the meantime, FD and I are waking up a couple times a night to give her a milk/supplement to help add some weight to our skinny minnie!

Froggy, FD and I played hookie today and walked down to the Santa Monica Pier for a ride on the carousel. It was another gorgeous day in California-land. And Froggy was an ANGEL for her first Tobi treatment tonight. Whew. I love this kid!

Since her treatments are so long now, I bought a bunch of 99-cent store presents, and when she finishes a treatment, she gets to reach in a bag and pick out a toy. So far it's working. I realize bribery isn't the best parenting tactic, but how DO you keep a three year old cooperative for two hours a day? I'm also renting/buying videos to keep her busy for the long antibiotic haul. Wish us luck!
I am soooo pumped for knocking out these nasty lung bugs!!! We want Froggy's little lungs to be perfect when the cure comes!


Beverly said...

I'm so glad she's eating and pooping!!! Sounds good.

I understand totally what you mean about keeping those lungs healthy until the cure comes.

Hooray for Froggy doing her treatments.

Anonymous said...

Max is a big snacker -- I keep package of peanuts, crackers, fruit snacks in the back seat of my car and usually grab a juice box or water bottle, too.

I also take him grocery shopping and let him pick out items for his snack cupboard. I know a lot of time we end up wasting food because of this, but it's nice to know that he requests chips (loves salt & vinegar or dill pickle), that I have them on hand.

He told us a couple weeks ago that if he eats a lot of snacks, we can call him snackboy. His dad decided to call him "Snack-Tor" instead. :)

We've also gotten up in the middle of the night to feed him. Started when he was a baby and we were instructed to feed him every 3-4 hours. He actually ate better when we did the "sleep feeding" thing. And to this day, I feed him a glass of Carnation instant breakfast made with cream and whole milk thru a straw every morning before he wakes up and goes off to preschool for another breakfast with his friends.

Whatever works! I once read an article about how drinking juice causes childhood obesity, so I started serving him white grape juice with his after preschool snack. :) Liza

Anonymous said...

Sorry I left such a novel, but thought I'd comment on the treatments as well. Max was/is a fan of spngebob, basically we'd let him what whatever he wanted cartoon-wise during his vest treatments. He still would give us trouble from time to time and tell "Vesty that he didn't love him".

My husband decided last year that maybe a videogame system was in order -- I thought Max was too young. But it was a God send. Max would ASK when he could do vesty and would do extra treatments. We only play video games when its treatment time.

Realize froggy is still a bit too young. Max started playing Lego Star Wars when he was 4 and has graduated to some other games. Just a thought for the future.

Liza aka ratatosk

Infidel Rooster said...

Hey FM,

one of the things my mother did during treatments (4 times a day when I was a kid) was to read to me. I would pick a book and we would read it throughout treatment until we finished the book, then she would pick a book and we would do the same thing. Just kept switching back and forth between her pick and mine. It taught me to read at a pretty early age and I was encouraged to do a lot of the reading as well.

I guess I should mention the obvious that all of this reading was done out loud. I don't know how Froggy is for stories, but if not now, perhaps in the near future it will be a feasible option.

Some of the other things we'd do were play games like "I Spy" or that one that goes something like "I'm thinking of a word that begins with the letter ___". Those might be a little too complicated for Froggy right now, but it's something to think about for the future.

Anyway, there are a lot of options that make the treatments not only tolerable but fairly enjoyable. Sounds like you're all doing well so far, good luck.