Friday, February 13, 2009

Ya Take The Good, Ya Take The Bad...

So the excellent news is, Froggy's lungs are clear. Her Pulmonologist said that her lungs sound PERFECT!!! Wooo Hooooo! They did a throat swab, so the culture will be ready to read sometime next week. Keep fingers crossed for normal lung flora!

The not-so-great news is that Froggy hasn't gained any weight in three months. I believe it's due to her new seizure med affecting her appetite, and she barely ate for the three days we were in the hospital for the EEG. She did however get taller! Of course.

One of the nutritionists we met with today had some helpful suggestions. So we'll try those - adding more fiber to her diet so we can wean her from the Miralax, adding a probiotic, and adding Duocal to everything! FD and I also have to get better about her night bottle with supplements. Sometimes we fall asleep without giving it to her. Speaking of bed... zzzzzzzz.


fleetfeet said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you have the resources of a nutritionist who agrees to do things with a bit more effort rather than with "a tube". It is clear she is thriving under the wonderful care of those who love her!

Casey said...

WoooHoooo!!! Sounds like good news to me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good test results AND for a weight increase over the next few weeks and months.

Gain, Froggy, Gain!!!!!

Beverly said...

Hooray for the good checkup. I get to go with Ella to her CF doctor on Tuesday. I'm always glad when I'm here and she has an appointment because I love to hear first hand what the doctor has to say.

Here's hoping she'll gain. How do you get a toddler to eat?!