Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not a fan of Hallmark holidays. I would prefer a card or nice gesture "just because" rather than a commercially motivated day of forced mass love. Okay, enough bah hum heart, here's why I love my husband, Froggydadda....

FD is a wonderful father. He's a jungle gym, a soft shoulder, a big kid, a love, a leader, a coach and I know that Froggy will always be able to talk to him, at 3 years, at 13, and into adulthood. He will listen without judgement and love Froggy and Sissysnuggiekins with all his heart.

FD is an incredible photographer and teacher. His students are forever changed by his guidance and love of viewing the world through a lens.

FD makes me laugh everyday. His jokes maybe low-brow and involve bodily noises, but still, I laugh.

Everyday FD tells me I'm beautiful, or calls me Pretty Mama.

FD tells Froggy to give her mommy kisses.

When I'm out running errands and call home, I hear hysterical toddler laughter in the background and I know that Froggy is having a BLAST with Daddy.

FD makes me think about life differently. He has never focused on Froggy's CF. He's focused on Froggy and her health. His positive attitude about her life gives me strength. If he believes it, I do too.

On our first date, FD showed me pictures of his daughter Sissysnuggiekins birth. Who does that? I knew he was one of a kind. And when I couldn't wait to meet his daughter, he was cautious and wanted to make sure I was worthy of meeting her. Turned out, I was.

For a long time (fifteen years) FD was a bicycle messenger in downtown Los Angeles. It was a job that brought him joy and freedom, but when Froggy was in the hospital after her diagnosis, he made a big decision. He decided to go back to school to become a Respiratory Therapist, so he could support his family, and become educated about Froggy's pulmonary care. It was such a huge step. He suffered and I mean suffered through two Algebra classes. And in June of this year, he will be DONE with his RT program. I know that this is not his life-long dream, but a sacrifice to support his family, to provide his daughter with excellent health care, and be informed about new treatments, and the best doctors/centers in our area. And that's love, giving up some freedoms for someone else's life.

FD is good at everything he does. He's an athlete, kicks my butt at Trivial Pursuit, and is incredibly creative and artistic.

We've been together nine years, and it hasn't been an easy road. We've had huge challenges in our lives and marriage. We've been through more in those nine years than most people face their entire lives, but we are strong because of it.

We squabble, we bicker, we love, we tease, we delight in one another, and can't imagine how we ended up here, this life, and yet... it's worth it. It's why I think at the end of the day, "Okay, I can do this tomorrow, even if it's tough. Because you're there." And if you weren't, I couldn't.

FD, I love you, truly, wholly. I don't know if things are 'meant to be' but I know that we are learning through eachother. And when we leave this place we will know a hell of a lot more than when we came. And I wouldn't, couldn't choose a better daddy for our kiddo. I love you honey. So there, a Happy, Cheesy Valentine's Day to All!


fleetfeet said...

Oh that was so beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to a couple of people who truly understand the meaning of love!

Beverly said...

You made me cry, FroggyMama. I think your hubby and my son are a lot alike...besides being very tall.

"FD makes me think about life differently. He has never focused on Froggy's CF. He's focused on Froggy and her health. His positive attitude about her life gives me strength. If he believes it, I do too."

That is a wonderful statement. It's good that you have that balance.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mieke said...

I loved running into you two on your date on Valentine's day! What a delicious surprise.

Cara said...

That was the sweetest thing I have read in a very long time. :)