Friday, March 13, 2009

Chelsea Lately

Getting ready to go to the taping!

Yesterday, my sis and I went to a taping of "Chelsea Lately." It's a silly talk show on the E! network. We showed up 45 minutes early and were still put on the "stand-by" list. We were number 7 and 8, so for the entire time in line, we weren't sure we'd get in. Low and behold, we made it in!

It was so much fun, and the guest was Rob Schneider promoting his straight-to-dvd independent film - haaaa, funny stuff. Not really.

The show was hilarious and sometime next week, you can see the back of our heads on "Chelsea Lately!" I will be sure to post more, because the back of my head has always deserved those 2 seconds of fame.


Anonymous said...

fun stuff! jcn

Unknown said...

froggy mamma,
we are going to see chelsea latley taping, too.
you said you showed up 45 mins early & still were put on the wait list? were there people in line already? did you have tickets? how early would you say we should show up?

Froggymama said...


Yep, we had tix and were still put on the wait list. I'd get there an hour and a half to two hours early. And you're sure to get in.

Anonymous said...

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